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DevelopIT COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Initiative

As a nonprofit, our goal is to give back to the community. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic strain on many small businesses, and it is DevelopIT’s mission to be a resource for any small business partner that may need assistance during this difficult time. As a result, we are launching our Small Business Assistance Initiative, where our student volunteers will be helping small business partners respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing pro-bono website design services to ensure that our small business partners have the necessary technological resources and support they need to continue their businesses.


Apply using the Google Form below if you or your small business would be interested in participating in this initiative! We will reply as soon as possible to discuss logistics and next steps. Together we will make it through!

*Small Business will be responsible for providing a valid domain and Wix Premium Account. Website design services by DevelopIT will be pro-bono.*

DevelopIT COVID-19 Small Business Assistance Initiative Form

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