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We're Hiring

Are you interested in joining the team? The following positions are open. Please complete the application form below and indicate which positions you are interested in. We will be in touch soon!

Growth Manager (Intern)

Fundraising Manager (Intern)

Marketing & Social Media Manager (Intern)

  • Responsible for driving the strategic expansion of the organization through fundraising, partnerships, and community engagement.

  • Develop and implement growth strategies aimed at revenue generation and community outreach.

  • Collaborate with internal teams to align growth objectives with organizational goals.

  • Identify new market opportunities and partnerships that align with the organization's mission.

  • Responsible for helping plan and execute select fundraising activities (including individual donations, donation campaigns, special events) to ensure sustainable organizational growth.

  • Develop and implement fundraising campaigns and strategy

  • Cultivate relationships with individual donors and sponsors in the local community

  • Responsible for leading the organization's online presence by creating and executing comprehensive social media strategy to increase visibility, engagement and community involvement.

  • Develop, implement, and manage social media strategy across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

  • Create engaging multimedia and short video content.

Job Application

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